my tio

I'm Mum to three amazing mini's.  Twins Ty and Indy and my big boy Oli – my Tio.  

These guys are my constant reminder to find beauty inside the chaos.  Capturing and enjoying their natural expressions and personalities is what drives me to create this for others. I want to find your real!  Sure, I’ll capture your “perfect” family photo for Nana’s mantel, but I’ll also capture those expressions that you see in your partner or child that gives you an almost audible experience when you look at them in print. When you look at your photos I want you to hear those laughs, remember their quirks and celebrate your family.

There's always a reason to put off getting that portrait, like someone's going through an "awkward" phase, someones missing some teeth or you want to shake 10 kgs first.  Don’t wait until you are physically at your perfection – this will continue to move...

Capture your now – celebrate your now – love your now!


I graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree, majoring in Photography back in 2003.  Trained in film, I gained an authentic knowledge of light, both controlled and natural, which made the transition into digital an easy and enjoyable one.

I have been in the photography and retouching game for 18 + years, 10 of which was spent at the NZ Herald working in a fast-paced and exciting environment, which unfortunately became a little too fast-paced once I had three kids under the age of two.

Enter my introduction into specialised portrait photography.  Working for one of the largest portrait studios in Auckland cemented my love of photographing people. Being part of an ever-growing and amazing team was fantastic, but after six years the call of coastal living became too strong to ignore. Living in beautiful Beachlands for the past nine years and experiencing all it has to offer gave me the encouragement required to go out on my own and set up my own portrait business.

Being an advanced retoucher has seen me train some of Auckland’s largest production houses and artists. Which means, although I specialise in natural light photography, having these retouching skills means I will give your images natural-looking adjustments, without the end product looking Photoshopped.

Organically captured, digitally produced.


Rebecca and Mark

“Vanessa is so talented. Would absolutely recommend. We love our photos and she made the whole experience fun and easy. Thank you!”

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